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  • There are several likely reasons:

  • Please remember all the codes are sent out at first come first served basis. So it’s likely that other members get the code just a second earlier.
  • The hot item usually has a limited quantity of promo codes.
  • The seller is managing his/her inventory and codes. And sometimes, the seller made an error on the code and removed it, only to re-list later.
  • You’re NOT required or expected to leave a review for the products you received from ReviewerGroup. You can choose whether you review a product, but are in no way obligated to do that. If you do review, follow the Amazon TOS. Add the disclosure at the end “I got the product free or at a discount”, which is required by FTC law. If you still have any concerns, we suggest you contact Amazon Help Center.

    Yes. Based on Amazon updated TOS, you can choose whether you review a product or not, no matter the product is provided at full price or at a discount. You can write a positive or negative review every time you want. If you choose to review, you should leave the disclaimer that I received it at a discount. You can’t put in exchange because it wasn’t.

    Please be 100% sure you intend to purchase an item before getting a code. Each code that isn’t used, keep other shoppers from being able to get the deals, and break the heart of sellers who provide such amazing deals. If you do not like to purchase after getting the code, please contact us with email.

  • Remember to select the right seller and select the right variant, such as size and color etc.
  • Always purchase “one product at a time”. If you try to use multiple codes on multiple products at once, it will cause one or more not to work.
  • Go to “My Deals” to check the right codes and contact ReviewerGroup Service for help.